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Amplifier Cable

Amplifier Cable

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Color: Red + Blue
Sheath material: Poly rubber
Core material: copper clad aluminum
Main use: car installation modification line
The high-quality power cord not only has good insulation and heat resistance, but also uses seven-strand twisted or braided core conductors so that it has sufficient density to reduce the resistance value, capacitance, and inductance, thereby outputting a sufficient amount of current.
Blue control line: One, length: about 4.5 meters
Main power supply (copper clad aluminum core, red cathode): One, length: 4.7 meters
(Copper clad aluminum core, black cathode): One, length about: 0.5 meters
Main power fuse: One, 60A (including insurance)
RCA Audio Line (Signal Line): One Set (Abrasion Resistant, Interference, High Quality Core)

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