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Megaphone Headset

Megaphone Headset

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● The audio transmission is light and rapid, the sound quality is pure, the low frequency is thick, the medium frequency is strong and strong, the high frequency is delicate and soft, and the craft is fine. It is suitable for vocal activities such as singing, interviewing, and hosting. Features: Lightweight, ultra-lightweight design for long wear;

● The flexible and comfortable steel ear hooks can be firmly worn on the ears. Even wearing glasses will make you feel comfortable.

● According to the needs of people with different face types, the length and angle of the microphone arm can be adjusted;

Technical specifications: Pickup method: single-point;

Core size: Φ9.7*5.0mm

Sensitivity: - 52db ± 2db frequency response: (We can now provide -38db ± 2db --- 58db ± 2db various sensitivity of the head)

20-20KHZ output impedance: ≤ 680Ω

Working voltage 1.0V-10V.

Signal to noise ratio: greater than 55db

Plug: 3.5mm

Wire diameter: 2.0MM black braided wiring

Line length: about 1.2m

Packing Method: 1 headset

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